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KARS Activity newsletter

Hello KARS members!

A special thanks goes out to Owen (KF5CZO) for donating a UPS to provide power filtering and to run the repeater while the backup generator starts.  Dave (KD5FX) got it hooked up Saturday.  While he was there, he did a quick visual check of the antenna along with checking reflected power and everything seems to be fine.  Since we intend to have both our VHF and UHF repeaters operational, the plan of putting a DB-224 on the top of the tower won’t work, as it is a monoband antenna.  The next recommended step is to secure the top of the existing dual band antenna to the tower so it won’t whip and wrap around the tower again as it did during Ike.

Dave also found a great article in QST about how the bands change during the course of a day.  A very good read if you’re not sure which HF band you should be on at what time of day.

Click for a full size version

As always, if you know of an activity that I’ve missed, or would like to have included, please email me at radioN5TGL@gmail.com and I will make sure that information gets distributed.  Also, if you would rather not be included on this email distribution, please let me know and I’ll remove your name from the list.

Volunteer Opportunites:

The Boy Scout JOTA is going to be held October 16 – 17.  We actually don’t have anything planned for this, so if anyone is interested in participating, let me know.

The ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is scheduled for 2 – 3 October.

Please email me if you have any others you want me to list in the newsletter.

Contests:  The Texas QSO party is coming up Saturday September 25th and 26th.  Not sure if anyone wants to get together and do some sort of activity for this?  Possibly set up some antennas at the firestation?  Let me know, or please voice your ideas in the comments below.

All Asian DX Contest, Phone: 0000Z, Sep 4 to 2400Z, Sep 5
Mode: Phone
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Exchange: RS + 2-digit age
Colorado QSO Party: 1200Z, Sep 4 to 0400Z, Sep 5
Mode: CW, Phone, Digital
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, VHF/UHF
Exchange: CO: Name + county, W/VE: Name + (state/province)
Brazil Independence Day BPSK31 CDX Contest: 1200Z, Sep 4 to 1200Z, Sep 5
Mode: PSK31
Bands: 40, 20, 15, 10m
Exchange: RST + Serial No.
RSGB SSB Field Day: 1300Z, Sep 4 to 1300Z, Sep 5
Mode: SSB
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Exchange: RS + Serial No.

10/02/2010 | HamEXPO

Location: Belton, TX

Type: ARRL Hamfest

Sponsor: Temple Amateur Radio Club

Website: http://www.beltonhamexpo.org/

10/08/2010 | Paris Texas Hamfest

Location: Paris, TX

Type: ARRL Hamfest

Sponsor: Paris Texas Radio Group & Red River Valley ARC

Website: http://www.paristexasradio.com

10/16/2010 | Lufkin Hamfest 2010

Location: Lufkin, TX

Type: ARRL Hamfest

Sponsor: Deep East Texas ARC & Nacogdoches ARC

Website: http://www.lufkinhamfest.com

11/13/2010 | NCTECH 2010 Hamfest

Location: Azle, TX

Type: ARRL Hamfest

Sponsor: Tri-County Amateur Radio Club

Website: http://www.wc5c.org

Closing notes:

The planning for the fire station ham station continues.  I was unable to attend the first meeting at the fire station, but from the report back I’ve received, it looks like there were some great strides made.  Current plans will be to put up a VHF/UHF antenna, an 80m full wave loop, and a pulley system that will allow us to put up other wire antennas as we need them.  If anyone has the following they’d like to donate to the club, we’d certainly appreciate it!

1 – 12VDC 20 amp (or more) power supply
2 – DC Distribution boxes
1 – HF Tuner w/ SWR meter and balanced line output, coax input, rated at least 150 watts
1 – AC Distribution Power strip
2 – Small Desk Lamps

Remember, the KARS net is held each Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM local time. The nets are held on the club repeater, KT5TX with an output frequency of 147.200(+) and a PL of 141.3.  Currently we are transmitting tone, so you can use tone squelch if you have it.  We also have a pre-net “Elmer session” which starts at 7:30pm.  Feel free to bring your technical questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.  We also get together each Saturday at Skeeters for breakfast around 8 am.  Skeeters is located on the NE corner of Mason Road and Highland Knolls. You are cordially invited to attend and enjoy the food and fellowship.


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