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KARS August Minutes

August 10th, 2015 No comments


August 10, 2015. Regular monthly meeting. West I-10 fire station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:31 PM.

All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Fourteen members and three visitors signed in.

Motion by Bruce KG5GJQ and seconded by Gerald WA5IRC to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting as posted on the website. Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was not given due to the absence of Mike KA5OXA is still recovering from knee surgery.
Minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting were read by President Bob.

A memorial service for silent key Marshall Dues, K5MMD, was held at the Houston Executive Airport in Waller County on Saturday, August 1st. Members of his family came in from out of state. KARS was well represented by about seventeen of its members and a similar number of his old aviation friends attended as well. After a short ceremony and remembrance, pulled pork sandwiches from Midway Barbeque and soft drinks were served.

Old Business

The weekly net, lead by Jerry KT5US, continues on Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM on our repeater,
147.200 MHz.

We are waiting for cooler weather to begin work on the repairs of the VHF/UHF antenna system at West I-10 station 4.

New Business

In light of the loss of K5MMD, we really should consider documenting all of our members in a KARS Gallery of sorts. It could be hard copy, electronically saved, or both.

We have a bad 10 meter band pass filter. Mike KA5OXA was successful in getting another filter repaired at no cost, however, Mike is not in attendance tonight, so the topic will be put back on the agenda next month.

Are we a 501(c)3 organization? The answer is “No”. It was mentioned that an organization has to jump through numerous hoops to obtain this status and the process requires legal and/or CPA types to assist with the filings. We may be a “not for profit” organization already. Scott KT5SR should know the answer to this, however he is not in attendance this evening. (Donations made to a “not for profit” are not tax deductible in the same manner as if given to a 501(c)3 charity.)

What can we do to bring more members into the club? There are a large number of hams in the immediate area who are not members of KARS. We should consider a membership drive. Local ham info is readily available on It was suggested that we piece mill the thrust of any membership drive to avoid overcrowding of meeting facilities. Do we need to look into finding a larger meeting area? Bruce KG5GJQ will work on compiling a prospective member list.


The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 25th here at station #4.

The regular club meeting is Monday, Sept 14th at 7:30PM again here at fire station #4.

Our next VE license session is Saturday, Nov 14th starting at about 9:00AM.

The Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air is scheduled for a Saturday in late October. The exact date wasn’t known. More on this next month.

Public Service Events

None in the coming weeks were known or mentioned.


The attendees enjoyed sweet treats and coffee during the intermission. Thanks to everyone for keeping this part of our meetings self sustaining.

Bob WB3EWP gave a presentation on QSL’ing. This is sadly a tradition in ham radio that is not as popular as it once was but still a vital part of the hobby. Bob talked about what is considered apropos and he discussed some of the tricks of the trade. He pointed out that there is a “Foreign Forever” stamp. Also, he stressed to use high quality envelopes if you are attempting to mail QSL cards out of the country.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 8:40PM.

Entered into record this 10th day of August, 2015 by Brian Havran, AF5IT, recording secretary.

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