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September 14, 2015. Regular monthly meeting. West I-10 fire station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX.

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:34 PM.

All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Eleven members and no visitors signed in. Everyone introduced themselves.

Motion by Bruce WB5BCA and seconded by Scott KT5SR to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting as posted on the website. Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Mike KA5OXA. Motion by Scott KT5SR and seconded by Brian AF5IT to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting were read by President Bob.

Old Business

The weekly net, lead by Jerry KT5US, continues on Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM on our repeater, 147.200 MHz.

We are waiting for cooler weather to begin work on the repairs of the VHF/UHF antenna system at West I-10 station 4. Also, we would like to see the politics of the ESD #48/West I-10 Fire Dept settle down as well. Currently, ESD 48 has control of station 4 where the radio room is located.

It was mentioned that Charlie KT5BBQ has offered to donate coaxial cable to be used in conjunction with the VHF/UHF antenna re-installation. Discussion was about should Charlie be reimbursed for this material. Charlie was not in attendance tonight. With all things considered, Bruce WB5BCA moved to table this discussion for a later meeting. Seconded by Jack WB5KVV. Motion passed.

We have a bad 10 meter band pass filter (as discussed at the Board meeting). Mike KA6OXA has volunteered to handle getting it repaired.

New Business

The club is holding applications for three prospective members:
Ruben Caparos KG5IOO
Paul Mercer KG5IGK
Nick Magoulianos KG5IOP
None of these three were in attendance this evening.

We are documenting members for a KARS photo gallery. Pictures can be taken during snack break.

Plans for this year’s Christmas party. Members seemed to enjoy the barbeque as we had last year.
Midway does close early.
Jack WB5KVV will check into another location, such as Spring Creek on the Katy Freeway at Westgreen Blvd.

The club has been given an opportunity to move the club repeater from its current location behind West I-10 station 2 which is elevated to approximately 70 feet above ground to a site on top on the Memorial Herman Katy Hospital which would be about 140 feet high. There are no building codes or restrictions that would prevent the move. The cost of just buying a new antenna would be significantly less than paying to have the old one taken down and moved. Also, the existing coax is old and weathered and not worth re-using. A professional antenna installation company would need to be hired to allow us to use the hospital site. Accordingly, we are expecting a cash outlay of around $1000 and most likely less. We discussed the pros and cons of this topic. The general trust of the discussion centered on the radio coverage improvement that the new repeater location would give.
Secondly, but equally apropos, was the fire department fiasco that is currently taking place. On August 24th a court gave the West I-10 fire department control of fire station 2 where the repeater is housed. ESD 48 cut the funding to the West I-10 fire department back in August and since West I-10 by court order cannot respond to alarms, they may run out of funds to keep the electricity on at station 2 which would, of course, not allow our repeater to function. Both parties are not due back in court until late May 2016. Even with all that being on the table, the money outlay is considerable, given our budget and income levels. If we put on a fund raiser, the time window may close with the hospital before money would be available. After a healthy discussion, Bruce WB5BCA offered up a motion that said we move the repeater from fire station 2 to the Memorial Herman Katy Hospital, fund the costs out of the KARS treasury, and seek donations (in the form of subscriptions) to reimburse the club. Seconded by Mark N5YUS. Motion passed by voice vote.


The Texas QSO party will be held the weekend of September 26th and 27th. The club will have the radio room at station 4 open for use with the contest. It starts at 1400Z on that Saturday.

The next VE examination will be held here at station 4 on Saturday November 21 starting at 9:30AM.

Our next regular monthly meeting is Monday, October 12 at fire station 4 beginning at 7:30PM.

The next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, October 27th at fire station 4 at 7:30PM.

The Corpus Christie ham radio club will hold it hamfest of Saturday, October 31st at the Civic Center in Aransas Pass.

Public Service Events and Opportunities

September 20th Tour de Pink, Prairie View
September 26th Tour de Cure, Katy
October 3rd Mammoth Lake Triathlon, Lake Jackson
October 11th Oktoberfest Triathlon in Fulshear
October 17th and 18th Bike Around the Bay, Baytown to Galveston
October 25th Fairfield Triathlon, Cypress

The attendees enjoyed sweet treats and coffee during the intermission. Thanks to everyone for keeping this part of our meetings self sustaining.


This month’s presentation was a “show and tell” about three members ham shacks. First up was Dan K5DAF who showed pictures of his set up at his house including his disguised antenna. He mentioned how important it was that his bride supports his participation in the hobby and how his antennas do not interfere with her home landscaping.
Next was Jack, who in the absence of Charlie, showed KT5BBQ’s home set up. Especially interesting was the mounting of his screwdriver antenna.
Finally, Jack showed his own hamshack based in his garage. He explained his grounding and lightening protection system.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 9:07PM.

Entered into record this 14th day of September, 2015 by Brian Havran, AF5IT, recording secretary.

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