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November 9, 2015. Regular monthly meeting. Harris County ESD #48 Fire Station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:30 PM.
All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Eighteen members and two visitors signed in. Everyone introduced themselves.

Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Bruce W5BCA to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting as posted on the website. Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Mike KA5OXA. Motion by Gerald N5KT and seconded by Charlie KT5BBQ accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

The Board of Directors minutes for October 27, 2015 were read.

Old Business

Our weekly net continues on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM on our repeater,
The frequency is 147.200 MHz +600kHz with a PL of 141.3.

The repairs to the exterior wall of Fire Station #4 have finally been completed. A date to install our new VHF/UHF antenna will be set soon. This will need to be coordinated with the fire department (ladder truck, etc.). It was pointed out that District 48 fire department does not own a ladder truck at this time.
Our ladder line to the HF antenna had snapped in multiple places. Two hundred feet of 450 Ohm ladder line has been supplied to KARS by a club member. Both activities need to be scheduled simultaneously.

Photo documenting for a KARS member album continues. Pictures are able to be taken during break time.

The club is holding applications for two prospective members:
Ruben Caparos, KG5IOO was not in attendance at this meeting. (Third reading). Nick Magoulianos, KG5IOP was in attendance and voted into membership of the Katy Amateur Radio Society.

Death certificates for Marshall Dues, K5MMD, and Jerry Cammack, KT5US, were submitted to the ARRL to be listed in their Silent Key column as reported by Mike KA5OXA.

The club has been given an opportunity to move the club repeater from its current location behind West I-10 station 2 which is elevated to approximately 70 feet above ground to a site on top on the Memorial Herman Katy Hospital which would be about 140 feet high. The new antenna has been installed on the hospital roof. By court order, ALL equipment in several firehouses still cannot be removed until a final settlement is reached. Both parties, West I-10 fire department and Harris County ESD #48, are not due back in court until late May 2016. Our repeater is still operating from station #2. Moving the KARS repeater to the Katy hospital roof will make it more useable over a wider area. The KARS treasury is funding the project and seeking donations to assist with this costly effort. Several members have stepped up by making donations for the antenna change. See Mike, WB5OXA, Treasurer if you can help.

Information for a repeater rack was received from Tommy, KG5FMA.
The information has been passed onto Darrell, KK5LG.

New Business

Our information has been updated for our ARRL Club Affiliation.

KARS is considering offering ham classes using the Ham Test Online curriculum. We would sell access to the online class to the students for $15.00 each. Our class room work would be one to two hours of mentoring and clarification for four weeks on Saturday before the VE test. Mike KA5OXA is heading up this training.

A nomination committee was formed tonight to select members willing to run for the offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The election will be held during the March 2016 meeting. Chosen to be on the nomination committee were Mike KA5OXA, and Brian AF5IT. A third member needs to be added before the committee can begin its work.

The KARS Breakfast Bunch has left Luby’s on Mason Rd. in Katy and currently meets at the Corner Bakery & Café. It is located on the southwest corner of I-10 and Greenhouse Rd.


The next VE examination will be held here at Fire Station #4 on Saturday, November 21, 2015 beginning at 9:30 AM. VE examiners are always needed. Want to become a VE examiner? See Mark, N5YUS, for the easy steps to do so.

Our next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, December 22nd at 7:30 here at station #4.

Our next monthly meeting is Monday December 14th and is this year’s Christmas Dinner at 7:00PM. It will be held at Spring Creek Barbeque, 21000 Katy Freeway at Westgreen Boulevard. (located on the northwest corner of I-10 & Westgreen Blvd.) Spouses and/or family are welcome to attend.

Public Service Events and Opportunities

Pearl Harbor Memorial Service at the Battleship Texas on Saturday, December 5, 2015.
The station NA5DV would be set up and operating on the ship. The Patriot Guard Riders will have a flag line leading up to the ship.

The CyFair half marathon happens on Sunday, Nov 15th. Sid Sherwood is in charge of the ham communication for it.


Tea, coffee, and sweet treats were enjoyed by the attendees during break time.
Thanks to all for keeping the refreshments self sustaining.


Scott KT5SR, discussed Amateur Radio Emergency Service or ARES for short. He explained its purpose, structure, people and leaders, and operation. Scott urged all of us to join the Harris County ARES organization.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 9:25PM

Entered into record this 9th day of November 2015 by Brian Havran, recording secretary.

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