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December 14, 2015. Special Christmas Dinner meeting.
Spring Creek Barbeque, I-10 & Westgreen Blvd., Katy, TX

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:32 PM.

Twenty members and sixteen visitors were present. Everyone introduced themselves. All enjoyed a fine barbeque dinner as served by the Spring Creek folks.
One visitor, Mark Lorie, KG5JBJ submitted an application for membership. This will be placed on the January meeting agenda.

Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Tommie KG5FMY to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting as posted on
the website. Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Mike KA5OXA. Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by John AK5AK to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

There was no Board of Directors meeting in November to report on.

Old Business
Our weekly net continues on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM on our repeater, 147.200 Mhz, +600KHz offset, and PL tone of 141.3Hz.

A date to install the new VHF/UHF antenna and replace the 450 ohm ladder line is needing to be set. District 48 fire department has just received delivery of its ladder truck which would be very helpful in doing this activity.

The KARS club repeater has been successfully moved to a site on top of the Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. The antenna is approximately 140 above ground and offers a much larger coverage area. A big “Thank You” goes out to Darrell KK5LG for working with ESD 48, the West I-10 fire department, the attorneys and the court to get our repeater out of station #2. The KARS treasury funded the cost of the move and is accepting donations to offset the costs. See Mike KA5OXA if you can help.

New Business
A vote on two applications for membership as previously submitted to the club:
Ben Keel KF5ZRN and George Graves KG5KOB. Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Scott KT5SR to accept these applicants into membership of the club. Motion passed.

KARS is offering several Technician level ham classes throughout 2016 using the Ham Test Online curriculum. Access to the online class is $15.00 through the club instead of the regular cost of $24.95 per student. We do need a minimum of five student per session. Optional classroom work will be one to two hours of mentoring and clarification for four weeks on Saturday mornings leading up to the test. Have a family member, friend, neighbor interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator, then invite them to attend the class. Mike KA5OXA is heading up this training.
A nomination committee has been formed in advance of 2016 club officer elections. We will be electing a new President, Vice President, and Secretary for 2016. Voting is during the March meeting.

The next Board of Directors meeting is set for Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 7:30PM at fire station #4 on Franz Rd.
The next club monthly meeting is Monday, January 11th at 7:30 at fire station #4 on Franz Rd.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 7:54PM.

Entered into record this 14th day of December 2015 by Brian Havran, recording secretary.

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