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April 2016 General Meeting Minutes

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KARS General Meeting Minutes Monday April 11, 2016

• Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.
• The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
• Roll call had 21 members and 1 non-member present.
• The BOD minutes were approved by voice vote.
• Treasurer’s report from Mike:

The insurance bill was due. The amount is $108.00. Charlie motioned to vote and Gerald seconded the motion. The membership voted and approved to pay the bill.

• Vote on New Members
Mike read the new membership applications.
A motion was made to suspend the by-laws and vote on new members. Mark motioned and George seconded. Nine members were voted on and approved.

• KARS Constitution and By-Laws Changes
Proposed changes to the by-laws we given to the membership for review.
There was talk to meet a new applicant at an event be it club meetings, BOD meetings, coffee, breakfast, etc…
Meeting the person at the event would need to be sponsored.
Full dues for the year would need to be paid at time of joining.
If they do not pay their dues, they are out.
The barrier for membership should be removed.
There was discussion for new members to be considered an associate member until voted upon at a general meeting.
Background on new member will be checked on the FCC ULS to make sure their license is current and no enforcement actions have been taking by the FCC.
The Board of Directors will write a new proposal at their next meeting on April 25, 2016.

• Public Service Events
BP MS 150 on Apr. 16-17, 2016
HCESD #48 Safety Fest on Apr. 23, 2016
CB&I TRI – The Woodlands Triathlon on Apr. 30, 2016
The Humble Bike Ride on May 1, 2016
The Ironman and the Hurricane Workshop are coming soon.

• KARS Club Shirts
Looking at different styles including T-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and polo
Pricing is also being evaluated. The price will go down if more are ordered.

• Net control operators are needed for the Tuesday night net. Ham Test Online fee will be waived for the General Test Studies if the Tech will serve as Net Control Operator. Also, Ham Test Online fee will be waived for the Extra Test if the person agrees to be a VE. The new question pool for the Extra Class begins on July 1, 2016.

• HCESD 48 Safety Fest
Dave Scott the chairperson for the event.
Club members wanted for the event.
Needs are for net and for communications.
Need to have an HT radio.
Event times are 10AM-4PM.
Sign up with Dave Scott.
Fire Department to tell us positions.
Dave will have an ICS for the event.
Club will set up an HF station.

• ARRL Field Day is June 25, 2016. A chairperson is needed for the event.

• Break

• Bob and Mike showed the K1N Navassa Island DVD on DX trip to Navassa Island.

• Meeting ended at 9:15PM.

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