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KARS General Meeting June 13, 2016

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KARS General Meeting June 13, 2016

• Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.
• The Pledge of Allegiance was said
• 20 members and 3 visitors present
• The BOD minutes were read. BOD minutes were approved
Treasurer’s Report
• The Treasurer’s report showed that there was $2842.00 in the bank account
• The club’s band pass filters are in working order
Museum Ships on the Air
• Mike says Battleship Texas Amateur Radio Society will be on the air this year on for Museum Ships on the air weekend
• 18 ships and 303 contacts made
• Membership applications were read
• 1 associate and 2 full voted in
Field Day
• Will be at Mark Bing’s on June 25-26
• Will be a potluck dinner
• Station coordinator is John Hayes
• No GOTA station yet

VE Report
• VE exam was held on June 11
• 12 testers and all passed

Elmer Team
• Push for the Elmer team
• Need people to sign up
• Bob Bentley to be Elmer coordinator

Other Business
• Waiting on paperwork from the MUD on the radio towers
• Waiting on pricing for club t-shirts
Bob B talked at Anderson PowerPoles for the presentation
Meeting ended at 8:41 P.M.

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