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KARS NET – Tuesday 9/13/16

September 13th, 2016

Every Tuesday night at 8pm, we have a NET to discuss amateur radio and KARS club topics.

Tonight’s topics were:

What presentations should we have at our upcoming General Meetings, and what would make a good project for the KARS Build Day?  Some ideas discussed were antennas (especially home stealth antennas) as well as digital modulation for ham radio.

We had 18 check-ins: KG5TTS George, WB5KVV Jack, K5DAF Dan, KG5IGU Richard, KG5JBJ Michael, K5DSM David, KF5IYX Wanda, K5BIO Carlisle, WB3EWP Bob, KG5LRp Jeff, WB8JEL Larry, KT5BBQ Charlie, KJ5OW Phil, WA5VBP John, WD8RZA Dave, KF5TWT Darrell, KT5SR Scott, AF5IT Brian

Thank You to Brian AF5IT for being the Net Control.

Be sure to join us each Tuesday night at 8PM.  73, KG5JBJ

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