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KARS General Meeting – Monday, November 13, 2017

November 19th, 2017
  • Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Raul Ramos: No report given at this meeting. Previous balance provided was $2922.92
  • Reading the Tea Leaves KARS schematic presentation 15Oct17presentation (Jack – WB5KVV). An overview of the most common schematic symbols. The presentation has been posted to the KARS Facebook & web pages for future reference.
  • October BOD minutes were read and approved. Charlie raised the motion, John seconded, and the BOD minutes were approved.
  • Two (2) new member applications: Bruce Campbell (W5SVF) & Philip Lanham (KG5UBL); unanimous approval by club membership.
  • Net Control Operator assignments from Nov 21 – Dec 19:


Net Control Operator

Nov 21

Raul Ramos

Nov 28

Bob Bentley

Dec 5

Brian Havran

Dec 12

Bruce Alfredson

Dec 19

George Graves
  • There were 25 members and 1 visitor in attendance.
  • Ham Threads.com Update: payment & digital image has been sent. Expect that site will be ready for orders in a few weeks.
  • KARS Officer Nominating Committee has been formed: Brian Havran, Bob Bentley, & Mike Brannan will assume this responsibility for the election of new club offices for yr: 2018.
  • Discussion continued regarding the possible realignment of KARS VE team under the Laurel VEC organization. Majority of members agreed that we should continue our VE alignment under the ARRL. It was also determined that KARS should increase the frequency of our VE exam sessions to every two (2) months, and if possible, conduct the exams at Katy Memorial Hospital which would provide a better testing environment than we currently have. Action item: Mike B. to provide KARS testing schedule to Mark B. to secure Tiger Room A beginning in yr. 2018.
  • KARS Christmas dinner will be held at El Jarrito Mexican restaurant, Monday, Dec.11th @ 7:00 pm. Dan will send out an email to confirm number of attendees prior to the event. El Jarrito is located at 21724 Highland Knolls Dr, Katy, TX 77450
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.
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