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UPDATE – NARS DMR Group Buy and Training – UPDATE

August 25th, 2018

Klein Fire Station#4  (Meeting Conference Room)

16810 Squyres Rd, Klein, TX 77379 (Behind the post office on Louetta RD).

Sept 29th  6 / 9pm Initial Kick Off – DMR Radio Training

Oct. 5th    6 /9 pm  DMR Radio Training

Oct. 12th     6 / 9 pm  DMR Radio Training

Oct  26th  6 / 9 pm DMR Radio Training

Ron Matusek of NARS is putting together a group buy and some training sessions. If you would like more information, please contact Ron ronm1@att.net
I have just received back a quote for the radio’s from my distributor:
TYT MD-UV380 GPS US$110.00
TYT MD-390 GPS US$124.00
Note: He wants me to place one order for the total quantity.  So what I need is a solid commitment from each of you to make the purchase.  Then I need to collect the money prior to placing the order.  PayPal is an option or a check made out to me Ronald Matusek.
So far we have Eighteen people who desire training and Eight people wanting to order radios.  This is great progress!  Let’s target initial training for next month.
My Distributor for the MD-UV380(GPS) is supposed to return from vacation today so am waiting his response to my inquiry.
If you have not already registered for a DMR ID please follow the link below and start that process now.  Can’t program anything without it.
DMR ID registration request.
I will be providing other links for various applications to be downloaded but here is another one you need to get started.  This is a list of DMR registered contacts.  This would be loaded into your radio along with the code plug.  More information on this later.
This is MUCH more complete list of users, while still showing the state and country etc..  Over 106.000 users.
Here are some but not all of the things we plan on covering in multiple training sessions:
What parts do I need to build a “Hotspot”
Where do I get the parts for a “Hotspot”
How do I program a “Hotspot”
Do I want a Simplex Hotspot or Duplex Hotspot
What’s the difference/ advantage
Basic DMR operations on repeaters via DMR-Marc/c-bridge
Basic DMR operations on Hostspots via Brandmeister
Flashing normal firmware updates to radios
Loading a codeplug into the radio
Changing zones, etc..
 Loading the user database into the radio
Making changes to codeplugs
Adding a channel
Creating a Zone and adding channels to it
Creating a Scan group and adding channels into it
You will need your cell phones and laptop computers at the training sessions.  We are working on a workaround for WiFi connectons at the FireStation as in some cases a WiFi connection will be required.
More information will be provided as we start to pull together training plans.
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