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February Meeting Minutes

February 27th, 2022

Minutes from the KARS Monthly Meeting February 14, 2022


The meeting was held in person at the fire station and a contingent of members attended via Zoom. The meeting was started at 7:35 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

We had three new members to report: Dan Mumford (WB5DSC, Advanced), Michelle MacDonald (KI5MDW, General), and Jonathan Taylor (KI5OZK, General). There being no dissenting votes all three are now official members of the Katy Amateur Radio Society.

The Katy Safety Fest will be held on April 23 at Katy Mills Mall (Burlington entrance) and promises the be a rather large event with many participants from public safety, law enforcement, and branches of the military. Geographically, too, the event will be spread out and HAM operators are requested to held with supportive communications to free up radio channels for official business.

The sidewalk sale outside of Freddy’s Café of some of Mike Brennan’s bequeathed radio equipment will become a regular swap meet to be held every third Saturday of the month, except for March as not to conflict with the Houston Area Tailgate (which replaces the Houston Area Hamfest this year). The swap meet at Freddy’s Café will be advertised to local area HAM clubs.
There is $xxxx in the account with no outlays coming up until June/July for the insurance.

All board positions were opened for new candidates, but there being no new candidates and the existing board members all indicating their willingness to serve another term meant that the board was reappointed by acclamation.

A new location for VE testing was named, being the Episcopal Church on Grand Parkway and Highland Knolls. This is in addition to the American Shooting Centre on Westheimer Parkway (inside the reservoir) that has also been offered as a potential location. Gerald Doucet will be the final arbiter to make a decision as he runs the VE program.

Sheree and Bill run a local traffic net and there is a push for the creation of a digital traffic net, similar to the current traffic net.

The MS 150 bike ride is held at the end of April. A training ride, Peddling the Prairie, will take place on February 26. The Buffalo Bayou Regatta will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Saturday, March 5 from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. All three events are opportunities for HAM operators to volunteer their services.

The meeting concluded shortly after 8 PM


Hielke Buddelmeijer KI5JYX

Secretary KARS


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