Recurring Events

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Katy Amateur Radio Society (KARS), Katy, Texas

Recurring Events

Event Time Location Notes
KARS Net Every Tuesday, 8:00 PM KARS Repeater KT5TX 147.200(+) MHz Repeater, PL 141.3
KARS Monthly Meeting 2nd Monday of Every Month, 7:30 PM HCESD Fire Station #4 22855 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77449
KARS VE Session (Licensing Exam) Saturday, December 10, 2016, 9:30 AM HCESD Fire Station #4 No Pre-registration Required
KARS Coffee Every Wednesday, 7:30 PM Starbucks 547 South Mason Rd. Mason & Merrymount
KARS Breakfast Every Saturday, 8:00 AM Alcaliente 20210 Katy Fwy

Katy Amateur Radio Society (KARS) is an active club in Katy, TX, just west of Houston, dedicated to the fascinating hobby of amateur radio.

Please come and join in the fun!

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DMR Equipment Info

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If you are an ARES member…
We need a few more hands to help with the Simulated Emergency Test this Saturday, it will only take half a day of your time. Please look at the IAP and look at the available locations.
If you can lend a hand please contact Jeff Walter,
281-467-8595 Cell
Thank you
Sid Sherwood –
EC NW Unit

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Updated Calendar

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There has been lots of work going on behind the scenes on the KARS Website.   Thanks to Ty KE5RVV for all his hard work.

Be sure to check out the new format for the Calendar / Events.  When you go to the “Calendar”, in the upper right corner is a “VIEW AS” box.  This lets you select Month, List, or Day.  You can select an Event which now provides you with lots of new information about the event.  It allows you to download the event into your calendar, see a map, follow a link to the events website, and much more.  Enjoy!  73

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KARS NET – 9/20

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We had 15 check-ins tonight; KG5LRP, KG5ONF, K5DAF, W5ZTX, K5DSM, KJ5OW, KG5IGU, KG5BIO, KT5BBQ, KF5GRY, AF5IT, K5TWT, WA5VBP, KF5DRN, KT5SR, WB5KVV.  Thanks to Jack WB5KVV for being the Net Control tonight.  73

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QRZ Page

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We have added a KARS member QRZ page.  If you are not on the QRZ page, you are missing from our membership list.  If you did not receive an email announcing this post, we either do not have you email address or the email address we have is incorrect.  You can send updates or corrections to 73 KG5JBJ

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KARS VE Session (Licensing Exam) results for 2016

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March 12, 22-TOTAL 18-Technician 2-General 2-Extra  20-Total PASS 17-Technician 2-General 1-Extra

June 11, 8- TOTAL 3-Technician 4-General 1-Extra  ALL passed

September 10, 15-TOTAL 5-Technician 6-General 4-Extra  10-Total PASS 4-Technician 4-General 2-Extra

24 new Technicians got their license.  10 General and 4 Extra upgraded the licenses.

If you would like to become a Volunteer Examiner, go to

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Volunteers Needed for Oct. 1, 8, 9, 21, 22, and 23

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Volunteers are needed for several upcoming events.
The Tour de Cure, October 1st needs communicators and a few more SAG drivers.
To volunteer as a communicator please contact Rick Broussard N5KJN
To volunteer as a SAG please contact Robin Marsh, KF5MNB

Other events looking for help in the not too distant future…
10 for Texas, October 8th, go to
Oktoberfest Triathlon, October 9th, Contact me at
Mammoth Lake Triathlon, October 23rd, Contact me at
Wings over Houston, October 21st through 23rd, Contact George Levandowski at
Please come out and put your license to good use.
Thank you,
Sid Sherwood
EC NW Unit, District 14

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KARS NET – Tuesday 9/13/16

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Every Tuesday night at 8pm, we have a NET to discuss amateur radio and KARS club topics.

Tonight’s topics were:

What presentations should we have at our upcoming General Meetings, and what would make a good project for the KARS Build Day?  Some ideas discussed were antennas (especially home stealth antennas) as well as digital modulation for ham radio.

We had 18 check-ins: KG5TTS George, WB5KVV Jack, K5DAF Dan, KG5IGU Richard, KG5JBJ Michael, K5DSM David, KF5IYX Wanda, K5BIO Carlisle, WB3EWP Bob, KG5LRp Jeff, WB8JEL Larry, KT5BBQ Charlie, KJ5OW Phil, WA5VBP John, WD8RZA Dave, KF5TWT Darrell, KT5SR Scott, AF5IT Brian

Thank You to Brian AF5IT for being the Net Control.

Be sure to join us each Tuesday night at 8PM.  73, KG5JBJ

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General Meeting Portable Power Presentation 9/12/16

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Here is the Portable Power presentation by Christian Lenior KG5AKF

Thanks Christian for an excellent talk.


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