Katy Amateur Radio Society (KARS), Katy, Texas

Recurring Events
KARS NetEvery Tuesday, 7:30 PMKARS RepeaterKT5TX 147.200(+) MHz Repeater, PL 141.3
KARS Monthly Meeting2nd Monday of Every Month, 7:30 PMWest I-10 Firestation #4Talk in on the Repeater
KARS VE Session (Licensing Exam)3rd Saturday of Even Number Months, 9:30 AMWest I-10 Firestation #4No Pre-registration Required
KARS BreakfastEvery Saturday, 8:00 AMLocal RestaurantOften Luby's 485 S Mason Rd.

Katy Amateur Radio Society (KARS) is an active club in Katy, TX, just west of Houston, dedicated to the fascinating hobby of amateur radio.

Please come and join in the fun!


July 13th, 2015 No comments

June 8, 2015. Regular monthly meeting at the West I-10 fire station #4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX.

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:30 PM.

All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

In tonight’s sign in sheet, two columns were added in conjunction with the upcoming field day. One column asked if you plan on attending the event and the second one allowed you to sign up for a food dish for Saturday night’s meal. Thirteen members and three guests signed in last month.

Motion by Gerald N5KT and seconded by Charlie KT5BBQ to accept the minutes as posted on the website. Motion passed.

Mike KA5OXA gave the treasurer’s report. In it he reported that he has paid the liability insurance for the upcoming year. Mike also mentioned that he has been in contact with the insurance concerning our liability coverage and deductible for the recent lightning strike on the fire station club antenna and subsequent damage to the outside wall. He is awaiting a return phone call at this time. Motion by Brian, AF5IT, and seconded by Charlie, KT5BBQ, to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Bob, WB3EWP, read the minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting.

Old Business
The weekly net continues on Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM on our repeater, 147.200 Mhz.
An American flag has been purchased and is permanently in place in the station 4 meeting room. A formal presentation to the fire house will be done in the near future, most likely at one of their station meetings.
Preparations for Summer Field Day 2015 continue as the event nears. Three band captains are in place. Someone mentioned that Dave WD8RZA usually does 40 meters. He has not been at a meeting lately due to other commitments. If so, that would give us four stations on the air. The club is pushing for every member who is able to participate in some way so that no one is left to burden the bulk of the work. Email John AK5AK at 2johnhayes@gmail.com to volunteer your time or equipment. Email Scott KT5SR at screeve@earthlink.net to let him know what type of food you are bringing. Bob had some field day tee shirts made. They are white with our colored logo on the back. He is selling them at cost of $10.00 each.

Jerry KT5US mentioned that he and Marshall K5MMD have been discussing a vintage tube type radio demonstration. He asked if this would be something that could be worked in to field day or would it be better saved for a time of its own. No decision was made leaving that up to the two men.

President Bob reported that no one has made an offer on the old club generator. John Wagner said that he would offer the club $25 for the generator. Motion by Scott KT5SR and seconded by Jerry KT5US to sell the generator to John for $25 cash. Motion carried.

New Business
In the Board of Directors’ minutes, there was mention of a need for a call tree to be in place should a disaster arise. John Wagner spoke up that he is working on a call tree and has a list started already. He will revive that effort.

On Saturday May 30th, lightning struck the fire station and our VHF/UHF antenna. The antenna was completely destroyed and the lightning bolt continued down the antenna to the mount and then jumped to the concrete wall, blowing out some concrete and leaving a 12 by 8 inch crater in fire station exterior wall. Fortunately, the Yaesu VHF/UHF radio was not here at the time, being away for programming. President Bob has already met with the West I-10 fire chief to express the club’s regrets. The chief said that he understood and there was no hard feelings about the incident. They, too, are looking at their insurance for help in fixing the wall damage, possibly obtaining some FEMA help as well. We will be responsible for replacement of the antenna. The condition of the coax is not known fully at this time. Charlie KT5BQ offered to donate LMR400 coax to just replace the existing line. Thank you, Charlie!
The club will take up replacement of the antenna at a later time.

Mike KA5OXA reported that some members spent last weekend at the Battleship Texas making contacts as part of the Museum Ships on the Air weekend. They operated as N5DV. Gerald N5KT was a part of this activity and he said that they made 439 contacts.

The next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday June 23rd at 7:30PM at fire station #4.

The next regular club meeting is scheduled for Monday July 13th at 7:30 PM.
Before the meeting beginning at 6:15PM, there will be a VE test session. This is a great chance to upgrade your license class.

The Texas City Hamfest is July 18th kicking off at 8:00AM. This is always a wonderful hamfest and a fun filled event.

Public Service events
This is a slow time for public service events. Only one on the near term calendar according to Scott KT5SR: the Cypress Triathlon on July 27th.

President Bob thanked everyone for generously contributing to the coffee and desert fund.
This allows him to keep it going.

Hannu gave a presentation about ladder lines. Why and how they work and how to install them.
Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 9:00PM

Entered into record this 8th day of June 2015 by Brian Havran AF5IT, recording secretary.

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KARS Meeting Minutes

May 26th, 2015 No comments


May 11, 2015. Regular monthly meeting.
West I-10 fire station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX
Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:31 PM.
All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Eighteen members and two visitors signed in. Both visitors, Mark Ferraz and Andy Valadez turned in their applications on VE testing day and were voted into membership.

President Bob reminded everyone that there is now a column on the sign in sheet where it can be noted if you are a Volunteer Examiner. Bob said he would entertain a motion to exempt a member from yearly club dues for one year if he/she would pass the VE exam AND participate in one VE session that year. The idea died for lack of a motion.

Motion by Jerry KT5US and seconded by Mary KG5EDX to accept the minutes as posted on the website. Motion passed.

Mike KA5OXA gave the treasurer’s report. In it he announced that he is holding a bill for liability insurance in the amount of $320 which he cannot pay until approved by group. Motion by Charlie KT5BBQ and seconded by
Thomas KG5FMY to give the treasurer the go ahead to pay the insurance bill. Motion carried.
Motion by Scott KT5SR to approve the treasurer’s report with a second by Charlie KT5BBQ. Motion passed.

President Bob read the minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting.

Old Business

Weekly net continues on Tuesday nights at 8:00PM on our repeater, 147.200 MHz.

Ty, KE5RVV, continues to work on cleaning up the website.

The KARS Book and Equipment Lending Library at fire station #4 is up and running.
If you are in possession of club assets and have not contacted a board member yet, please do so ASAP.

Preparations continue for the Summer Field Day June 27th and 28th. Still needed are band captains for 15, 40, and 80 meters.
Want to step up? Email John AK5AK at 2johnhayes@gmail.com.
If you are bringing food, email Scott KT5SR at screeve@earthlink.net.
The goal is this year to have EVERY member participate in some small way so that no one has to burden the whole load of chores and responsibility.

Mike KA5OXA continues to compile data on generators should the club decide to buy one. Many members felt that if the club was to practice operating in true remote field conditions, we could then revisit this decision at that time. After a lengthy discussion on whether or not the club needs a generator and, if so, at this point in time. Mary KG5EDX moved that we do not purchase a generator at this time. Seconded by Jerry KT5US. Motion passed.

John AK5AK then because in our discussion it had become apparent that no one wants to pay out funds to repair our existing power generator, moved that we put up for sale at a reasonable price our current, 25+ year old generator. Seconded by Jerry KT5US. Motion carried.

New Business

On Saturday, May 9th, KARS held a VE testing session. Four people attended. Two passed Technician class, one General class, and one advanced up to Extra. Two applied for club membership. Both of them are here tonight and were voted in to membership to the KARS club.

It has been suggested by the station #4 fire company that we donate a flag to the meeting room. Discussion seemed to suggest that this is something that we should do to show our appreciation for allowing us to use their facility. Motion by Jack WB5KVV to authorize the board to spend up to $225 for a flag to donate to fire station #4.

Tee shirts are being prepared for Field Day. They will be available at the June meeting for a cost of $10 each.


The next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday May 26th here at fire station #4 beginning at 7:30PM.

Our next regular KARS monthly meeting is Monday, June 8th also here at fire station #4 and starting at 7:30PM.

On June 6th, the annual Houston Hurricane Workshop will be held at the George R Brown convention center. If more info is desired, Scott KT5SR may be able to answer your questions.

On that same weekend will be Museum Ships on the Air Weekend, KARS will participate on the Battleship Texas June 6th and 7th.

Public Service Announcements

May 16th in The Woodlands is the Memorial Herman Iron Man event.
On May 23rd, the NVIS workshop will be held at George Bush Park near the Equestrian Center. The time is from 7AM until noon.
On July 27th, the Cypress Triathlon will take place.


The attendees enjoyed sweet treats and coffee during the intermission.


Mark Bing gave a presentation on logging software N1MM+ which is the new improved version of N1MM that has been around for years. He showed a U-Tube video of it in action. Mark pointed out that the program allows you to practice contacting and CW.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 8:42PM.

Entered into record this 11th day of May, 2015 by Brian Havran, recording secretary.

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Sold – Kenwood 520 S and Unopened Kits

March 14th, 2015 No comments


Jack Philley W B 5 K V V

Brand new four unopened kits:

  • Ramsey 2 meter pre-amp $5 (original cost $ 10)
  • Ramsey UT5 Universal timer/oscillator $ 5 (original cost $10)
  • Vectronics 10 meter receiver $ 20 (original costs $ 35)
  • Vellerman 3 watt monoaudio amplifier $ 5 (original costs $ 10)

Kenwood 520 S with MC-50 desk mike (the good one), yes works fine, current internet price $ 300

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March 4th, 2015 No comments

February 9, 2015 Regular monthly meeting. West I-10 fire station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, TX.
Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:29 PM.
All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Sixteen members and two visitors signed in. Both visitors were later elected to club membership.
All in attendance introduced themselves.
Secretary Brian AF5IT read the minutes from the previous meeting. Motion by Charlie KT5BBQ to accept the
minutes as read, seconded by Jack WB5KVV. Motion passed.
Treasurer Scott KT5SR gave the treasurer’s report. Motion by Charlie KT5BBQ and seconded by Jack
WB5KVV to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.
Minutes from the most recent Board of Directors meeting were read by President Bob.
Old Business
The KARS club weekly net is back to being held on Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM. Jerry KT5US is in charge of
the net, but volunteers and participation is needed to keep it going.
Winter Field Day was held on Saturday January 24th at the Harris County Katy Park. About fifteen members
came out. We had three antennas up: a 15 meter vertical, a 10 meter Quad, and an HF Dipole. The new
KARS radio, a Yaesu FTDX-1200 was there and several hams used it to make contacts.
Speaking of the new Yaesu rig, it is now permanently set up in the radio room at West I-10 station 4. Also
there is a computer (for logging, etc.) and we have obtained the password for the station WIFI router.
New Business
Ty KE5RVV and Tom KG5FMA were voted in to club membership, having submitted their applications at last
month’s meeting.
Mark, N5YUS, is our new VE liaison. He has picked up all of the testing materials from Tom Maxwell.
The question came up as to what to do with the old Kenwood TS-140. Keep it for a backup rig? Loan it out to
new hams? Or just sell it at the Rosenberg Hamfest? After some discussion, it was obvious that the best
option was to just sell it and move on. Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Jerry KT5US to sell the club’s
Kenwood TS-140 radio at the Rosenberg Hamfest. Motion passed.
Charlie KT5BBQ mentioned that he will have two tables reserved for the Rosenberg Hamfest and the club was
welcome to use space on his table to sell the Kenwood. The meeting agenda had already called for a
discussion of renting a table at the March hamfest. Like last year, we could put up the club banner in front of
the table. Jerald WA5IRC moved and seconded by Jerry KT5US for the club to reimburse Charlie for the cost
of the tables (about $10 each). Motion carried. Members will be needed to man the table!
The date of the Houston Hamfest is March 28th and start time is 8:00AM. The location is Fort Bend County
Fairgrounds, 4200 Hwy 36 South, Rosenberg. (Just south of US Hwy 59.) Admission is $10 at the door and
there is a savings if registering online.
Ty KE5RVV has been working on the website and reports that it is savable. He has taken over that task from
Jonathan and J-Mag.
President Bob spent some time taking about the K1N Navassa Island Dxpedition. As of February 8th, they
have over 70,000 Q’s logged in. The hams are working 12 hour shifts and the radios are manned 24 hours per
day. Even with that effort, the pileups never cease. Bob shared some stories of his personal contacts with
K1N and such. Mike KA5OXA interrupted noting that there were more agenda items to cover and we really
should move on.
The secretary handed out election ballots to all of those in attendance for the 2015 KARS officer election.
They will be turned in at next month’s meeting and tallied. If anyone cannot attend, contact the secretary at
brianhavran@att.net and he will get one to you..
The KARS Book & Equipment Lending library is up and running. This is phase I of the Elmer program and is
available to all KARS members.
The Houston Vintage Radio Association will have its annual event at the Houston Marriott North, 255 North
Sam Houston Pkwy East on February 13th and 14th. There will be auctions of vintage ham gear including some
entire collections. For more info, see the website www.hvra.org.
Gilbert Perez will be holding another Ham Cram on February 21st at the HCC Town & Country location, Beltway
8 and I-10.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday, February 24th at 7:30 PM at West I-10 station 4.
At the March monthly meeting, we will be discussing programming of the Baofeng handheld radio that is
getting popular these days. If you have one, why not bring it along that night?
Public Service Calendar
The Woodlands Marathon is Feb 28th. On March 28th is the No Label Triathlon here in the Katy area.
This information supplied by Scott KT5SR. If interested in helping out, see Scott for further contact
Attendees enjoyed coffee and sweet treats during intermission. Remember the snacks are not free!
Charlie KT5BBQ gave a presentation about how emergency communications work in a hospital environment.
He is head of this area for Memorial Herman Hospitals, They use Ham radio as a backup to the normal
systems as Ham radio can work in times of power outages. His presentation focused on who, what, when, and
how EmCom at Memorial Herman operates. He showed many slides from his installations.
After Charlie concluded, John Wagner showed photos and told of his trips to Honduras. He does this every
year for the past 10+ years. The trip is a medical mission. Ham radio is an integral part of the process and
allows groups across the country to communicate.
President Bob closed the meeting at 9:22 PM.
Entered into record this 9th day of February 2015 by Brian Havran AF5IT, recording secretary.

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CERT Rodeo 2015

January 28th, 2015 No comments

You’re urgently needed for one of the most fun and exciting public service events in Texas!

Here are just a few of the great reasons you should volunteer to provide commincation for this amazing event.

  1. Cool T-shirt
  2. Full-size Train Derailment Haz-mat Scene w/ Real Rail Cars
  3. “Burning Building” Search & Rescue
  4. Tours Of Unique Emergency Vehicles
  5. Exhibit Hall Full Of Cool Displays of Emergency, Disaster, Volunteer Organizations and Even Live Entertainment
  6. Live Helicopter Landings and Takeoffs
  7. Chance To See Real Governmental VIPS
  8. As Close To Being A Disaster Scene Without Being In A Real One
  9. Free Goodies From The Exhibitors
  10. Free Continental Breakfast & Lunch
  11. Color Patch Keepsake Of the Event

The CERT Rodeo 2015 is less than 10 days away:
Saturday, February 7th, 2015. 7a-3p

Sign up today for one of the most interesting and dynamic Ham public
service events in the Houston area.

This annual competition test the skills of CERT volunteers.  They’ll
participate in a series of events using the skills they learned in
their 8-week training program; basic medical operations, search and
rescue, fire suppression, cribbing, scene size-up are some of the
exciting team building activities you’ll see and communicate about.

A number of Ham radio positions are available to support the
leadership of the Harris County Citizen Corp in a variety of physical
activity levels.

If you have already signed up great!  Then please forward this
to anyone who may interested.  If you can add
it as traffic to your local weekly radio net, email reflector or club
meeting it would be greatly appreciated.

Ready To Volunteer? Click the link below and signup today!

More Information:

Or contact:

Alfred Perez, N5VEV
2015 CERT Rodeo Communications Chief, COML
Cell: 281-919-9877 Voice/SMS – Text Messages
GV: 832-380-5867  24/7 Emergency Contact Voice/SMS – Text Messages
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TxEmMgmt
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/alfred-perez/90/801/42b

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KARS Meeting Minutes December 8, 2014

January 5th, 2015 No comments


December 8, 2014. Regular monthly meeting and Christmas Social.
Midway Barbeque, 6025 Highway Blvd., Katy, Tx.

Approximately 24 members and guests were in attendance. The group enjoyed various tasty menu offerings and fine service by the Midway folks.
Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:15 PM.

Minutes of the November meeting as posted on the website were approved.
Motion By Mark N5YUS and seconded by Larry W5LPD. Motion passed

Scott KT5SR gave the treasurer’s report. Motion by Brian AF5IT and seconded by Mike KA5OXA to accept it. Motion passed.


Winter Field Day will be held on Saturday, January 24th at Harris County Katy Park
which is located on the corner of Morton Rd. and Katy/Ft. Bend Rd. We will assemble at the park after breakfast at Luby’s. The event is expected to last four or five hours.

Hams of all license classes are needed at the annual Houston Marathon on January 17th. See Scott or Jack for the contact information (Sid) if interested in helping out.

March 28th is the date of the Houston Hamfest held at the Fairgrounds in Rosenberg.

Door Prizes

Presented by Jack and donated by various retailers and individuals.

Wirestripper: Scott Reeve
Wind Chime: Mark Bing
Multimeter: Jack Cavouti
Ham styled baseball cap: John Hayes
Battery Backup/charger: Charlie Lancaster

Meeting closed by President Bob at 7:18PM.

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KARS Emergency Communications Draft Documents

December 18th, 2014 No comments

Please review these PDF files of KARS Emergency Communications documents prior to the January meeting.  These documents were approved by the KARS Board of Directors on December 16, 2014.

KARS Emergency Communications SOP draft 18Dec2014

West I-10 – KARS Emergency Communications Plan 16Dec14 draft


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KARS Minutes for November 10, 2014

December 5th, 2014 No comments

November 10, 2014. Regular monthly meeting.
West I-10 fire station 4, Franz Rd. Katy, Tx.

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:29 PM.
All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Seventeen members and three visitors (prospective members) signed in.
All in attendance introduced themselves.

Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Dan K5DAF to accept the minutes of the October meeting as posted on the website. Motion carried.

The treasurer was not present when the president called for the treasurer’s report.
The minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting were read.

Old Business

Most of the old business was in the form of announcements with no club action required.

Assuming good weather, the club will assemble at West I-10 station 4 on December 6, 2014 to repair the HF antenna system. Scott KT5SR is in charge of procuring marine grade pulleys and line to be used in the work.

Discussion on the KARS 2 meter net took place The net is now held on Monday evenings at 2000 hours local time. Jerry KT5US volunteered to step up and coordinate the net going forward. Motion by Charlie KT5BBQ and seconded by Jack WB5KVV to once again make the net a directed net every time. Motion passed.
The KARS net is obviously not held on club meeting nights. Volunteers are needed to keep the net active!

The club’s annual Christmas Dinner and December meeting will be held December 8, 2014 at Midway Barbeque, 6025 Highway Blvd in downtown Katy. The festivities will kickoff at 6:30 PM.

Club website issues still remain. It appears that there is no club member who has both the working knowledge of websites AND the time to put in to managing the website. Hiring a person to handle the website management has been brought up and the cost factor there makes it not an option.

Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) was held at George Bush Park on October 18th by Gerald WA5IRC and others. None showed up. Mike KA5OXA had offered a scout Ham Radio Merit Badge to those Scout Troops.
Mike had contacted about 30 troops without a single reply.
Our interaction with scouting groups needs to be reviewed and evaluated before going forward.

Winter Field Day is scheduled for Saturday, January 24, 2015.
It will be held at Harris County Katy Park, 24927 Morton Rd. Scott KT5SR has reserved a pavilion on the north side of the park. We will assemble there soon after breakfast at Luby’s that morning.

Consideration of New Member Applications

The third and final call for new member application of Matthew Bleakley, KG5DSB, was made and he was not in attendance. If he is still interested in joining KARS, he will need to come to a meeting and re-apply. Aaron Lauritzen, KG5DYS, was not in attendance (first reading). Matthew Zurek KG5DYT (first reading) was not in attendance. Jason Welan AF5SR was not in attendance (second reading) either. In attendance were Jody Bustos, KG5DYU, Tom Watson WZ8Q, and Mary Baker, KG5EDX. Motion by Jerry KT5US and seconded by Charlie KT5BBQ to accept these applications by acclamation. Motion carried.
New Business

Del W5QQ talked briefly about working split frequencies on the HF bands. This is much like working in duplex mode on VHF/UHF. It allows and Extra Class licensee to talk on an Extra Class frequency and, for example, a General Class ham can communicate back on General Class allowable frequency.

The nomination committee is accepting candidates for the following 2015 open positions: Treasurer and Activity Director. If interested see any nomination committee member or board member.

Mike, KA5OXA, volunteered to take the responsibility of Public Information Officer/Coordinator. Motion by Mark N5YUS and seconded by Billy KF5YRJ to accept Mike’s generous offer. Motion passed by group.

Jack WB5KVV will contact the West I-10 station 4 public relations person to start a dialog concerning how we as a club can be better prepared to work with the fire department in the event of emergency or disaster.

Alfred Perez, N5VEV, is holding a Technician Class Ham Cram course on Saturday, November 22nd. It will be held at the Westlake fire station, 19636 Saums Rd. beginning at 8:00 AM and lasting until 3:00PM. Testing for all levels will follow immediately thereafter. Cost is $10 for the course and $15 for the test.
Charlie KT5BBQ is the club’s point of contact for this activity. VE’s are needed.

The Buddipole build day is set for Saturday, December 6, 2014. The start time is 9:00AM and the location is the West I-10 fire station #4. The cost is $40.00 for the materials. If interested, contact Tom AE5QB.
After the build day, we will repair the station’s HF antenna, weather permitting.

Notice is hereby given that the next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, 2014 at
7:30 PM at West I-10 station 4. All are welcome to attend.

Public Service Calendar

November 15th: Passion for Humanity, Simonton
November 23rd: Bike the Bend for Literacy
December14th: 30K warmup for the Houston Marathon, Sugarland Town Center
January: Houston Marathon which is one of the largest needs of hams to assist with in the Houston area.


The attendees enjoyed coffee and sweet treats during break time.


Charlie KT5BBQ answered an 11th hour call to provide the club with a meeting presentation. He talked about his “Ham Equipment Go Box”. He showed the club his gear and how he designed it. He discussed why it is to a ham’s advantage to have such a setup and he showed pictures of him using it in field operations.

Hearing no further business to conduct, President Bob closed the meeting at 8:45PM.

Note: After conclusion of the meeting, the secretary was made aware that he omitted from the October minutes was the fact that John Wagner WA5VBP was voted into the KARS club. The secretary confirmed this after checking his handwritten notes of that meeting and apologizes for the omission.
Entered into record this 10th day of November 2014 by Brian Havran, recording secretary.

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November 3rd, 2014 No comments


October 13, 2014. Regular monthly meeting.
West I-10 fire station 4, at 22855 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77449

Meeting called to order by President Bob WB3EWP at 7:30 PM.

All in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Seventeen members and four visitors signed in.

All in attendance introduced themselves.

Motion by Jerry KT5US and seconded by Mark N5YUS to accept the minutes as posted on the website. Motion passed.

Treasurer Scott KT5SR reported that the club has a balance of $3452.10 in the account. Since last month’s meeting, he paid $65 to Houston Amateur Radio Supply for the radio diagnosis and had no incoming monies. Scott reported that the club needs a new “Registered Agent” with the Texas Secretary of State. No formal action was taken on this item. Motion by Charlie KT5BBQ and seconded by Jerry KT5US to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Minutes from the most recent Board of Directors meeting were read.

Old Business

Old business was mostly in the form of informative announcements with no club action required or taken.
No bids were received at the September meeting of thereafter for the KARS Kenwood TS-830 radio. It will be offered for cash sale at the end of tonight’s meeting. If it remains unsold, it will be sent to Houston Amateur Radio Supply for consignment sale and then if still unsold, it will be offered for sale at the March Rosenberg Hamfest. (See later entry.)

The KARS antenna at West I-10 station 4 is in dire need of repair. The towers are about 45 feet high which will require some serious laddering/manpower, etc. Needed is about 300 feet of replacement line and some marine grade pulleys along with general hardware items. The plan is to procure the materials first and then schedule the repair day with the Fire Captain to incorporate this event as a training exercise for the station crew.

The KARS net Is now on Monday evenings.
1st Monday — Directed Net
2nd Monday — Club meeting night
3rd Monday — Directed Net
4th Monday — Directed Net
Volunteers are needed to keep the net functional and viable.

Jack WB5KVV has reserved the banquet room at Midway Barbeque in downtown Katy for our annual KARS Christmas Dinner. It is to be held on Monday, December 8, 2014 beginning at 6:30PM.

The club sponsored the Greater Houston, Texas 2-meter FM Challenge on October the 4th. The goal was to introduce contesting to a larger group of hams who do not participate in contesting on the HF bands. Ron K5HM is still tabulating the results and he should have them by next month’s meeting.

The Texas QSO party was held September 27 and 28th.

The plans are being put together to completely rework/redesign the club’s website. More on that to come in the upcoming months.

Tom AE5QB has possession of the club’s portable generator. Tom reported that the unit does not have any output voltage regulation on it. The voltage output is a function of motor speed, which may not be desirable for club use. The question arose as to whether or not we need to look into buying a voltage regulated generator at this time.

Last month, a signup sheet for KARS shirts was available at the meeting. Only two people signed up. If interested in club shirts, see president Bob WB3EWP or secretary Brian AF5IT.

New Business

The club is holding membership applications for two hams: Mathew Bleakley, KG5DSB and Jason Welan, AF5SR. (Neither were in attendance tonight.)
Also, tonight came three applications for club membership: Jody Bustos KG5DYU, Mathew Zurek KG5DYT, and Aaron Lauritzen KG5DYS (who was not in attendance).

KARS will participate in Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) on Saturday October the 18th. It will take place on the East end of George Bush Park between 10 AM and 2 PM. A working ham station will be set up at the site. Gerald WA5IRC has sent out three email blasts to the local scout troops and received a very limited response as of this time.

The ARRL winter field day is January 24, 2015. KARS will be at the Harris County Katy Park. The event will be a day only activity.

Mike KA5OXA has offered a Ham Radio Merit Badge class to the Scouts of the Texas Skies District. This is penciled in for March of April of 2015. More details to come as the class approaches.

Tom AE5QB is teaching a Buddistick Build Day on Saturday December 6, 2014. Contact Tom if interested in attending.

Charlie KT5BBQ reported that he has been in communication with Alfred Perez concerning setting up a “Ham Cram” course to bring in newly licensed hams. He says that Mr. Perez has reserved on his calendar November 22nd for KARS. Charlie needs to confirm with him this day or release it for another group. Del W5QQ observed that most, if not all volunteer examiners will be at the build day that Saturday and a scheduling conflict may arise. It was pointed out that the test examiners are not needed at the Ham Cram all day–only at the testing time at the end of the course. That brought up the question of how long will the Build Day last? It seems that the Build Day may take all day and could conflict with ham testing which would be taking place at a different location. Tom AE5QB offered to move his build day back to possibly a day in December if the room at station 4 is available. Charlie will get back with Alfred Perez and report to the Board of Directors before their next meeting. (Antenna build moved to Dec. 6, 2015.)

President Bob WB3EWP called for volunteers to form the officer nominations committee. Volunteering were John KF5LOE and Mark N5YUS.

Scott KT5US reported on community service opportunities in the upcoming weeks. October 18th and 19th is Bike Around the Bay. Sunday the 19th is a Cystic Fibrosis bike ride in Cypress. November 1st and 2nd is Wings Over Houston at Ellington Field. Volunteers are greatly needed.
The Corpus Christie Hamfest is November 8th in Port Aransas.

Marshall K5MMD offered $20 to purchase the Kenwood TS-830 radio. No one raised his offer. Sold to Marshall.
Jerry KT5US offered $15 to purchase the mike that was used with that radio. Again, no one raised his offer. Microphone sold to Jerry.


Those in attendance enjoyed coffee and sweet treats during the intermission.


Jack Philley, WB5KVV, gave an interesting talk on the topic of issues relating to Acute RF Potential. He discussed causes and effects to the human body of RF radiation. Especially interesting was his information that the human body is most susceptible to RF radiation in the 70 to 100 MHz band (3 to 4 meters). This is due to the frequency of resonance of the human body. Jack discussed ways for people to control their exposure to RF potential and he gave sources where one could go to learn more about the topic.

Hearing no further business to conduct, president Bob closed the meeting at 8:58 PM.
Entered into record this 13th day of October 2014 by Brian Havran, recording secretary.

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