May 16th, 2021

Katy Amateur Radio Society have decided to have a number of ‘Elmers’ as the diversity in todays Amateur Radio world is so high and varied we felt it was nigh on impossible for one person to handle all the traffic.

So far we have two Elmers in situation and they are


John Thurmond K5JBT

Tom Greathouse AE5TG

Please feel free to send an email to elmer@katyars.com


John Thurmond

John has been a ham for over 30 years – first licensed as a Novice in 1988 at the age of 12 as KB5HWS, and upgrading to General class two years later. He now holds an Extra class license as K5JBT, and also holds a Norwegian license as LA8VOA from his time living there. His primary interest in radio can be described as “anything new” – he is always trying out new modes and ways of working, which usually keeps him somewhere near the cutting edge. His main interests at the moment are software-defined radios, portable QRP HF operation, and antenna building. The desire to do “anything new” extends beyond the radio world, so he experiments with microcontrollers, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CAD design – and it also extends to his job, where he is a technology scout for an independent oil and gas company.


Tom Greathouse 

After retiring from a career in the computer technology industry I became involved in amateur radio and subsequently joined KARS.  As an active member of the club, and having served as a KARS officer, I have a strong knowledge of the members and their respective skills.   If I am unable to properly address a question or issue that a member or perspective member may have, this knowledge allows me to engage the best resource within the club that can provide assistance. 

I hold an Amateur Extra License and serve as a Volunteer Examiner for the club.  My main amateur radio interests are portable operations, EmComm, and digital modes.

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