Kars Monthly Meeting Minutes April 8, 2019

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Meeting started at 7:32 with the Pledge of Allegiance

Presentation this evening was given by Andy McAllister W5ACM covering the balloon launch with occurred at the recent HamFest.

Andy went into great detail and description of the preparations and results of the above mentioned launches. Andy also had a very detailed and historical presentation covering the progress that has been made over the years in planning and staging the events by the South Texas Balloon Launch Team.

The next major launch event is scheduled on September 28th, 2019 to be held at the Intergalactic Spaceport at the Wharton Airport. Plans are for a 28# payload. Launch will be at 10:00 am. APRS tracking can be followed at 144.39 MHz

Meeting minutes from the Board meeting were accepted.

The Buddipole setup for the club portable repeater antenna has been ordered.

Texas Parks On The Air – No shelters were available to reserve for the event.

Next Smoke Alarm Blitz is scheduled for May 4, 2019. More details will be posted and volunteers are welcome.

The Safety Fest is scheduled, rain or shine, for April 13th. 6 to 8 volunteers to act as rovers are needed.

Treasury Report: Current Balance: $4601.31 after Buddipole Purchase of $309.17

We had 25 members attending, with one visitor, Keith, KA5BZM

Meeting adjourned at 8:34

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KARS General Meeting – Monday, February 11, 2019

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KARS General Meeting – Monday, February 11, 2019
• Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.
• The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
• Treasurer’s Report – Raul Ramos: Current balance = $4474.34
• “DX Engineering Story” Skype presentation by Robert Naumann, Sales Manager – DX Engineering.
• The December BOD minutes were read, motion was raised by Philip (W5PLA), seconded by Bob (WB3EWP), and approved by club members.
• Five (5) new member applications were presented: Darrell Kirk (KC5JAR), Ron Litt (K5HM), Robert Plocek (KI5CZJ), Dalton Plocek (KI5CZI), and Neo Ramirez (KI5CNF). Motion raised by Scott (KT5SR), seconded by Michael (KG5JBJ), and approved by club members.
• 2019 Membership Dues – a brief discussion/demo around the use of PayPal to submit 2019 dues. Many KARS members have already submitted their 2019 dues via PayPal and the process has received favorable response. http://www.katyars.com/about/
• 2019 KARS Officer Elections – The positions of Treasurer, Secretary, and Activities will be filled by Sheree (KF5LMJ), Jack (KF5RMY) and Orville (K5VWW). Motion was raised, seconded, and approved by club members.
• Upcoming Public Service Events:
◦ Saturday, February 16th: Bear Creek Casper Event. https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2620159/false#/invitation
◦ Saturday, March 9th: FEMA Bombing Awareness Class, held at Transtar.
◦ March 22nd-23rd: Greater Houston Hamfest. https://houstonhamfest.org/
◦ April 13th-14th: Texas Parks on the Air.
◦ April 13th – Katy Area Safety Fest. https://katyareasafetyfest.org/
• Net Control Assignment for the period of Feb 19 – March 12, 2019
Net Control Operator
2/19 Jimmy Vance
2/26 Bob Bentley
3/5 George Graves
3/12 George Graves

• There were 29 members and 2 visitors in attendance.
• Meeting adjourned at app. 8:40 PM.

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KARS General Meeting – Monday, January 14, 2019

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  • Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Raul Ramos: Current balance = $4103.67
  • World RadioSport Team Championship 2018” presentation by Colin Jenkins (KU5B).
  • The December BOD minutes were read, motion was raised by Charlie (KT5BBQ), seconded by Bob (WB3EWP), and approved by club members.
  • Three (3) new member applications were presented and approved by club membership: Chuck Abramson (K9CFA), Marc Abramson (KC9VW), and Steven Chun (KD5SIP).
  • KARS BOD has recommended the purchase of a portable generator & telescoping mast and tripod for use at club events. Motion was raised by Darrel (K5TWT), seconded by Shawn (W5AQY), and approved by club members.
  • Upcoming Public Service Events:
    • Saturday, January 19th: ESD48 Smoke Alarm Blitz. This will take place in the Governor’s Place subdivision, Katy. Anyone interested in participating, please contact Jimmy Vance.
    • KARS Winter Field Day, Jan 26-27, 2019: Will be held at Cullen Park West, same location as last year’s event. All members are encouraged to participate.
    • Pedaling the Prairie, Feb 2nd, 2019. http://www.pedalingtheprairie.org/register/
  • Net Control Assignment for the period of Jan 15 – Feb 12, 2019
Date Net Control Operator
1/15 Bob Bentley
1/22 Sheree Horton
1/29 George Graves
2/5 Jack Cavuoti
2/12 Rob Schweitzer
  • There were 31 members and 5 visitors in attendance.
  • Meeting adjourned at app. 8:40 PM.
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ARES inclement weather “Check-in” Net

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ARES inclement weather “Check-in” Net this evening @ 6:00pm

using 145.370 MHz. Backup is 147.000 MHz (New tone 103.5).


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Wings Over Houston Air Show

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Good Morning Wings Over Houston Communicators!

This Year’s Wings Over Houston Air Show will be held on October 19 (Special Air Show), with the Main Public Show being held on October 20-21, 2018.

We require your Ham Radio Communication Skills once again for this amazing air show. Wings Over Houston is an “Air-Show-Major”. It is one of the top 4 most prestigious air shows in the country along with: SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, Florida, the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York, and the Cleveland National Air Show in Cleveland, Ohio!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact me as soon as you can as I begin compiling this year’s Communicator Roster. I’ll need to know all the important bits and pieces of contact information about you. Especially what days you are available. Remember, this is a HUGE 2-day event, and we’d prefer to have you for both Saturday and Sunday. The Special Air Show on Friday is a greatly trimmed version of Saturday and Sunday. We’ll need 10-15 Communicators for this event on Friday.

This year’s show again features the United States Navy, Blue Angels. You know what that means…Weather permitting, we break attendance records each year “The Blues” are here, and flying over Houston, Texas’ October Blue Skies.

Please pass this opportunity to serve our communities, and this Great American Airshow with the dates, along to your clubs, to your friends, and circles of influence.

Remember, use the KD5AYF@Reagan.com and GEORGE@HOHI.NET for replies please.

Thanks to All! Please call me if you have any questions.

Office: (713) 266-6464    Cell: (832) 723-4760

Sincerely Yours,

George Levandoski

Wings Over Houston,

Staff Coordinator,

Amateur Radio Communications

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Basics of Digital Modes

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Basics of Digital Modes

To be held at Transtar, 6922 Katy Rd, 77024 on Monday February 26th at 7pm. The presenter will be Mark, WB2ANN

The presentation covers the basic and intermediate operation of digital modes, primarily on the keyboard modes with the focus on how to quickly get on the air. It covers the basics of the various more popular digital modes, software, setup and interfaces. Also covered are rig control, web spotting and logging, and how to deal with common connection and decoding problems. The presentation is updated to include the weak signal modes.

The actual programs on a computer will demonstrate some of the features.

The meeting is open and everyone is welcome to attend! The Digital Support Group promotes the use of all digital technology for ham radio and normally meets each month on the 4th Monday at 7pm usually at Transtar. The Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonDigitalRadio/

Alan KB2WF

Winter Field Day

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Winter Field Day is coming up next weekend. KARS plans on setting up at Cullen Park West – Pavilion C on Saturday the 27th. The contest starts at 1900 UTC (1:00 CST). Setup time will commence at 1730 UTC (11:30 CST)

Feel free to bring any radios and antennas you’d like to setup.

The address is 18203 Groeschke Rd, Houston, TX 77084


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DMR Equipment Info

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General Meeting Portable Power Presentation 9/12/16

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Here is the Portable Power presentation by Christian Lenior KG5AKF

Thanks Christian for an excellent talk.


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