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Kars BOD Meeting April 26th

June 2nd, 2021

Original agenda:                                          

1. Apologies for absence

2. Treasurer report

3. Secretary report

4. Activities coordinator report

5. General discussion

Meeting notes:

In keeping with the continuing social distancing guidelines, our KARS board of directors meeting was conducted via Zoom. The meeting started at 7:40 pm 

  1. The VP joined late, but the other three board members were present from the start.
  • The treasurer reported that the new higher rate for the storage unit was paid ($72) and we are not getting the discount. The storage unit still needs to be cleaned out. Taxes are due after the MS 150 ride.
    • A few people still need to pay their membership fees.
    • We have 91 paid members out of 119 entries in the database (but 115 is a more accurate number)
  • The secretary reported on two potential new members, Michael Hunt and Miciah Hecker
  • Due to the activities coordinator position remaining unfulfilled, there was no report presented.
  • General discussion
  1. The Net Control script was updated by the President. Older files were archived.
    1. During Net Control on 4/27 the President will ask for suggestions on topics for the monthly presentations during our General Membership Meetings.
    1. We still do not have an activities coordinator. The suggestion was raised to perhaps re-purpose that position/description and establish something more relevant for the club. It was also suggested that if we do not fill that position within a reasonable timeframe the BoD will jointly come up with some activities for the club.
    1. The very first Virtual-In-Person (VIP) general meeting worked well. We need to work on capturing the activity within the fire station. The reception of members via Zoom into the fire station was great.
    1. The President raised the possibility of two members that could be asked to serve as Elmers. He was going to speak with them to see if they are interested.
    1. It was agreed the BoD needs to be kept in the loop on testing activities. The email for testing on the website diverts directly to the testing coordinator (Gerald), but there is some uncertainty if and when we will have further testing.
    1. A door raffle with prices will likely start in June, to increase the incentive to attend the monthly meetings at the fire station.
  • Other business
    • The Treasurer said he was thinking of a tailgate event at Cullen Park. TDXS had done one recently and we could potentially coordinate with them.

The meeting concluded shortly before 8:20 pm.

Hielke Buddelmeijer

KARS Secretary


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