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June 28th, 2021

Minutes from the KARS BOD May 31, 2021

(Held on Wednesday June 2 due to May 31 being Memorial Day)

Original agenda:                                          

1. Apologies for absence

2. Treasurer report

3. Secretary report

4. Activities coordinator report

5. General discussion

Meeting notes:

In keeping with the continuing social distancing guidelines, our KARS board of directors meeting was conducted via Zoom. The original meeting was slated for May 31, but it being Memorial Day the meeting was moved to Wednesday June 2. The meeting started early at 7:20 pm.

  1. The original scheduled time for the meeting was 7:30 PM, but the meeting was started early and everyone was present at 7:20 PM.
  • The treasurer reported that the equipment insurance premium ($203) was paid. 
    • The liability insurance, which is separate, is $323.20 and is due in July. The liability insurance payment is cumbersome as we are unable to use PayPal to pay it.
    • Taxes were filed with the IRS before Tax Day, but no taxes were due.
    • Elmer accounts have been created on HamClubOnline.com and Jimmy Vance (NA5D), the Treasurer, will become an Elmer, too.
    • Money needs to be paid to Tidelands HAMfest for two swap tables ($15 each). Tidelands HAMfest will be on July 10.
    • Field Day will be on the 4th weekend in June (26th and 27th). Same rules as last year will apply, meaning that people can participate individually from home and have their results tallied and attributed to KARS. There will also be a contingent of members meeting in Cullen Park, after the breakfast, to set up radios and participate in Field Day. The park will not be reserved, unless there is a strong desire by the club members to do so. The reason is the park is very under-utilized.
  • The Secretary reported that the membership form for Jeff (Paul) Granstrom was still with the Treasurer, but during the Saturday breakfast we will organize a handover.
    • On Monday June 5 the Treasurer will walk the President and Secretary through the different features of HamClubOnline.com
    • The Secretary will go to the storage unit and make an inventory and take photos to assess possible items for the Tidelands HAMfest.
  • Due to the activities coordinator position remaining unfulfilled, there was no report presented.
  • General discussion
  1. A door raffle with prices will happen for the General Meeting in June, to increase the incentive to attend the monthly meetings at the fire station.
    1. A contact person was mentioned within CentrePoint as a potential speaker for the General Meeting.
    1. The BVARC Ice Cream Social for August is still on the agenda.

The meeting concluded shortly before 8:00 pm as the Technical Session was about to start and uses the same Zoom link.

Hielke Buddelmeijer

KARS Secretary


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