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Meeting Minutes 18 August 2009

April 8th, 2010 No comments

Meeting Minutes of the KARS meeting, 18 August, 2009


NQ5B Allan Hill
KA8KPN Jonathan Guthrie
WA5DVO Bruce Smith
AD5KB Bernie White
K5MMD Marshall Dues
W5QQ Del Partridge
KT5SR Scott Reeve
KT5BBQ Charlie Lancaster
W5OIL Chris Haase
KF5CLG Stephen Manning
Daniel Manning
Owen Morgan
N5LYG Bill Rimmer
WD8RZA Dave Scott
KE5FGA Jeff Walter
KE5VAI Mike Mettler
WA5NSF Larry Doyle
KE5YUK Art Walton
N5IDF Joe Peet
W5IDF Sachiko Peet
KA5OXA Mike Brannan
KE5BRD Tom Fletcher
KT5YZ Ed Sarlls
K5OOR Virgil Stamps

KARS President, Bruce Smith, WA5DVO called the meeting to order at 1932 hrs. We gave the Pledge of Allegiance. Last meetings minutes were read and accepted as read. The Treasury report for May is as follows. The Treasurer was not present.

Comments: Amount Spent Received Balance

Beginning Balance $1,750.39

Ending Balance $1,750.39

Old Business:


New Business:

The meeting started with six Amateurs being voted into the club, Jim Rollyson KF5BDX, Rick Turner KD5JCD, Sachiko Peet W5IDF, Marshall Dues K5MMD, Jonathan Guthrie KA8KPN and Arthur Walton KE5YUK. Congratulations all!

Chris Haase called for a motion to create a list of members to bring refreshments to club meetings. The motion was passed. Chris also volunteered to create the list and keep it populated.

Mike Mettler asked the club if it could attend a Boy Scouts of America campout at Stephen F. Austin State Park on October 17th, 2009 and give the young men a demonstration of Amateur Radio. The club is considering the request.

Charlie Lancaster informed the club that he had approximately 12 people that would like to get their Ham license. Charlie was directed to Charlie Mathews at the Red Cross.

Virgil Stamps returned to KARS to give us an update on his latest Amateur Radio component designs. Among those were a portable HF antenna and a Linear Amplifier for 50 m QRP.

Allan Hill – KARS Secretary

Meeting Minutes 16 March 2010

April 8th, 2010 No comments

Minutes: Katy Amateur Radio Society

Date: 16 March 2010

Old Business

  1. Bruce opened the meeting at 1936 with the Pledge of Allegence. The treasurers report was presented with year-end and current month summary.
  2. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made and accepted by unanimous vote.
  3. Mike Smith gave a short talk on our March 6 special event station. It was successful, but there were traffic jams on the band with ongoing DX contests. Several stations were logged and upon receipt of a SASE, confirmation certificates will be sent out.
  4. Jonathan Guthrie, KA5QB, submitted his application for membership. Motion to accept was made, and a vote was presented. Unanimous vote for Jonathan was passed. Also, Bill, KC5ETX, requested to join the club. A motion to accept Bill as member was accepted and the vote was unanimous.

New Business

  1. Bernie suggested that we appoint a new net coordinator. It was suggested that a topic be used to catalyze a net. Without club participation in the net, the club energy will begin to deteriorate. Thus, the importance of the net was emphasized. Also, creating an open and inviting culture of the net was discussed to maximize participation. Motion to march down the roster to appoint a net control operator. Joe will appoint a net control operator or assume the role himself, if one is not assumed at that time. Action: Joe to initiate.
  2. The club expresses its sincere thanks to Bernie AD5KB for his service as net control manager for the club for the last 4+ years.
  3. $1,000 refundable deposit was discussed for the use MUD building. The club will attempt to provide insurance in lieu of the $1000 deposit. Other options might include the new Station 4, Franz Road firehouse. Darryl is exploring. Action: Joe follows up with Darryl.
  4. Field Day is scheduled for June 26 – 27. Mike Smith says A/C availability is a key in deciding on a location. While we don’t believe that 24 operation is a critical necessity, we do want to know who is interested to participate and how long they are interested in participating. Regarding people who bring their gear, with multiple radios set up for one-band and one-band only, with a list of operators who are “checked-out” and approved to use the gear by the gear’s owner. This way, the risk of equipment damage is low and the owner feels more comfortable. Also, the club suggests that an “Elmer” be present to help new operators. Unfortunately, the Franz Road fire station will not likely be ready in time, so the club will need to reserve its building in old Katy Park. Action: send note to get on Katy City Council Agenda, petition city council Katy for a vote if you want to operate overnight. If you don’t stay the night, then you pay two cleaning fees to the city of Katy. A motion was made to hold a 1-day contest day on Saturday, June 26. The vote was unanimous without objection. A motion was made to hold dinner one hour later at 7:30 pm. The motion was accepted and the vote was unanimous.
  5. Upcoming events – next Saturday, Magnolia Mile at Denny’s in Tomball. On Sunday 28, two events – Wheels of Justice Ride in Tomball, and the Blue Bonnet Express bike ride/ Will meet at highway 6 and 290 on that day. MS150 scheduled April 17-18.
  6. Del suggests we appoint a PIO for the club. Agree to discuss at next meeting.
  7. Scott spoke with Darryl and it was proposed that a work day be scheduled at the Franz Road Fire Station where members could complete construction of furniture and set-up the station. Joe suggests those interested should call Darryl. Joe will speak with Darryl to see when we could schedule it. Action Joe:
  8. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded. The meeting was concluded at 8:41 pm.


  1. Allan Hill, N5QB
  2. Bruce Smith, WA5DVO
  3. Larry Doyle, WA5NSF
  4. Del Partridge, W5QQ
  5. Chris Haase, WOIL
  6. Phil Burrow, KJ5OW
  7. Charlie Lancaster, KT5BBQ
  8. Michael Smith, N5TGL
  9. Ron Sauer, K9RKI
  10. Ron McDonald, WB5FFD
  11. Bill Kelly, KC5ETX
  12. Jack Philley, WB5KVV
  13. Bernie White, AD5KB
  14. Paul Glosch, KF5ENT
  15. Tom Maxwell, AE5QB
  16. Own Morgan, KF5CZO
  17. Scott Reeve, KT5SR
  18. Sachiko Peet, W5IDF
  19. Joe Peet, N5IDF
  20. Jerry Cammack, KT5CIS
  21. Dave Land, KD5FX

Useful Tools

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QSL MAKER PROGRAM (zip file 1,204 Kb or exec file 1,276 Kb)

AMATEUR RADIO FREQUENCY CHART (in color – requires Adobe Reader to view)

AMATEUR RADIO FREQUENCY CHART (in black and white – requires Adobe Reader to view)



PHONETIC ALPHABET (view and print)

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Interesting Articles

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From time to time, members come across interesting articles that are of use to the club and the amateur community.

“Metric Thumb Bolts Are A Breeze.doc” from Merv Swan, KE5HYY

Amateur Radio Practice Exams by QRZ Website.

Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna for 2M by Bill Frazier W7ARC

Coax Connections (Waterproofing) by Jim Yuen, WH6GS

Basic Electricity & Electronics Theory by OpAmp Electronics (excellent web site)

Includes: DC Theory, AC Theory, Semiconductor Theory,
Digital Theory, Experiments for each lesson
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